Stepping into the warm barn, the smell of hay and animals was strong. Sunlight filtered through small, dirty windows, illuminating the worn wooden floor planks. Little pieces of golden dust twisted and danced in the air. As a five year old, I was mesmerized.

This was my first awareness of how light has the power to transform what is ordinary into a memorable moment in time. Light takes that which seems simple and elevates it into something striking which arrests my attention.

I take great pleasure in painting the beauty of the world around me. I am drawn to everyday subjects which encourage me to slow down, to enjoy the richness of simplicity - a winter’s day, a bird in flight, a flower in bloom, a child at play.

The barn has been replaced by the warmth and excitement of my studio and the golden dust by the play of light on my canvas. But inside, the five year old is still alive and well as I transport what is familiar and ordinary into my world of wonder and adventure.

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